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Desktop Repair


Computer maintenance is the sole part of any computer system. We all know how important it is to maintain our computers from time to time. The reason our system crashes often is due to the accumulation of a lot of data over a course of time. Virus is another primary reason for system crashes. In order to avoid such situations you need a timely and prompt solution that will help you combat these problems. At Skynet info solutions, we are willing to give you a helping hand when it comes to dealing with computer based or even networking based problems. Here, we also focus on increasing your productivity in your business with the common tactics and solutions with respect to computer maintenance. At the end of the day, the decision of our clients is what matters where we ensure quality.

Computer Repairs

We are faced with a lot of computer failures whether it is something to do with computer crashes or even a breakdown of a computer hardware or software.In order to mitigate this, we perform computer repairs at skynet info solutions. We also make sure that we provide you with the highest quality of services.

Computer Upgrades

TAre you looking for upgrading your computer based on the latest technology today? Then feel free to contact us at skynet info solutions where we will assist you with computer upgrades with the help of our experienced staff.We assure you with reliable and high quality service at the best rates.

Email Support

If you are looking for any solution to your problem we will help you provide the required details through email in a prompt and reliable manner. We have a team of very expert solutions who will notify you by providing expert solutions and suggestions to any query that you may have.

Software Installation

Software installation plays a very important role when it comes to setting up your computer to ensure security and good management. At skynet info solutions we will assist you with the best services when it comes to software installation in order to maintain security and privacy. Our professional team will also guide you across using your new software.

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Data Recovery


Data on the computer is very important and once your computer gets stuck, the first thing you worry about is your data. Skynet Info Solutions is here to take you tension away and to keep you at peace of mind. We are proficient in recovering the data as well as the service that we render would be on time and not even a minute of your time will go in vain. Skynet Info Solutions is in practice recently and we are pleased to explore our services in Tri-city. We know the value of the data and we deliver a valuable service in data recovery. If possible, take your data backup whenever possible. You can always depend on us for any issue in connection with the computer. We deliver proficient and skilled repairs and backup whenever you need. Feel free to call us or mail us as and when required.

Data Backup

Data recovery is the best option in the computer system and there are few methods in which data can be recovered without loss. If you have any data recovery issues, just call us and we will be glad to serve you. We take the backup of your data and solve the issues with your computer. Though you are using a single system or a cluster of systems, we are here to assist you the best way possible. Data being the most sensitive part of the item needs special protection


We offer the antivirus installations for your business though your machines are working in LAN or WAN. We provide all sorts of repairs both physical level and application level. Our highest concentration is on delivering the service but not on anything else. We want our customers to be happy and to continue with us whenever they face any computer related problems.

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  • Acer Laptop Keyboard Change

Local Area Networking


Networking is the best part of the 20th century and being connected with the help of computers unveiled the revolution of the internet. We are in the field of connecting the computers at less distance such as in an institution or in an organization known as Local Area Networking or simply LAN. There are a few credentials to be fulfilled to get connected in LAN. Physical requirements such as routers, hub and cables play an eminent role and LAN is a common thing that we see in many institutions. We at Skynet info solutions provide all these in putting up a LAN. The latest scenario of LAN is Wi-Fi which can connect the devices that are browser-friendly is successful.Wireless LAN makes the networking very easy and time saving.

Sharing Information

We know that the core idea of a LAN is to share the information among many computers. In an office, the employees work on the same information and they need to get the same on every system. Instead of sharing the sensitive information on each system, we put up LAN that lets the employees to access the data from the server to many number of clients with which they can save time and memory

Technical Aspects

The technical aspects involved while connecting the computers with networking needs high security. When you are tied up with us, both physical and logical security is given to the server at any circumstances. As the server is the machine where the data is centralized and stored, we give special importance to the server in a secured way. We provide our customers the three different ways of LAN: topology, protocols and media. Topology lets connect the computers in the ring or in the form of a straight line. Protocols help the connection to be done using few rules and specifications. The usual and very common protocol that binds the computers in LAN is client-server architecture. Connecting the devices or the PCs using the twisted coaxial cables and fiber optics connect the systems

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Network Maintenance


If you are looking forward to the best network maintenance services, you have come to the right place. Here in skynet info solutions, we provide you with the best services as far as network maintenance is concerned. We understand the usefulness of maintaining your network; therefore we make sure that you receive a very reliable service from our team of experienced staff. By opting for our services we can make sure that the performance of your network can be improved thereby enhancing your business. Whether you are a residential or even a commercial customer, we assure flexibility when it comes to delivering our services.

High Standard Of Maintenance

Our team will also make sure that you receive high standards of maintenance as well as good service that will help you resolve any problems that may arise. We also offer these services at the most cost effective rate so that you will be satisfied with our level of service. We are available round the clock so we can help you restore any problems in case of emergency situations. The kind of network maintenance that we offer here at skynet info solutions will make sure that you make a very substantial investment. Thus, we will help you take the burden from your shoulder with our high quality of services.

National & International Networks

We also offer network maintenance for local, international or even national networks. As a customer it is important that you are satisfied with less investment of your time and money and a reassurance that the networks will run at a very optimum speed and efficiency. Our customer service is also here to guide you with any queries that you may have in case of certain issues that may arise. Our service is open at all time for you to easily access. You can also schedule an online appointment to make it easy.

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Do you want to work for our team and be one of the professionals in our team? Then all you need to do is get yourself trained. At skynet info solutions we deal with a variety of platforms which require our professionals to be trained so that they can face the outside world when it comes to dealing with customers. If you are interested in a certain domain, it can be assured that you will be well trained in it before you work with us. Our domains also offer a very good pay when it comes to helping out customers who need to find solutions to their problems.

Certified Professional

Once you are trained in your domain, you become a certified professional who can help various customers and users around the world to deliver your services to them. We focus on delivering the best services to our users, therefore it is required that all our professionals are well trained so that they can answer any queries to the customers. To get yourself trained with us is also a way of expanding your knowledge. Our domains of expertise include the remote support, email support, network maintenance, on-site support, phone support and much more.

Practical Experience

In the end of the day there is no end to knowledge. We learn and come across a lot of things in our day to day life. If you are interested in any one of the domains, all you need to do is contact us and we will guide you across the various platforms even if you are a fresher. We will make sure that you get enough practical experience before you can go out and help out all our customers to help them with any problems they face. You can also refer to our customer service who can provide you with help.

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Wide Area Network


We offer the Wide Area Networking or simply WAN which is known as a network that connects LANs. We cover a wide area and establish connection among a large number of computers around an area. WAN is in general connected via internet with the cables or without cables. The wireless connections are also being put up with the help of Wi-Fi technology. Networking scenarios that we use are different in the area it covers. The internet being the network of networks connects a wide range of computers and we have access to make it possible.

Latest Technology/Connectivity

Latest technologies that help the developers in making the web applications make everything easy to share on the internet. Though there are many service providers have come up, the service that we provide our customers makes everything easy. The connectivity which is given by our crew among the computers resembles the mesh like architecture. Many great minds have combined their intelligence and the skill and thereby emerged the technology of being connected with everyone around the globe. We are well aware of this fact and never leave a single chance to keep you connected with the rest of the world.

IP Address / Broadband Services

Every computer has an IP address and it is unique for every system. With this, there would be access to the internet and the computer gets recognized by the internet service providers. If you are registered with us to get the WAN, you will enjoy high security to your system. Few internet connections are made with the help of phones and dial up connections and other few are activated through the broadband services as well. Broadband services are ideal for home computers and the systems which are connected via LAN. WE have mastered the way of Wide Area Networking in covering a vast geographical radius. Internet made everything in this world easy with the globalization of the data. WAN connections when spread over, are connected through the satellites as well for better results.

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